“Life is about Choice you choose how you live. “



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“Choices / Believes and your wishes

The thoughts you think and continue to think are choices and a belief is a thought you keep thinking.

Everything, every single happening in your life happens because you are making perpetually choices and decisions.
So it is really, really important to focus only on that, what you want to experience and NOT about that which you do not want, because where the thought-attention goes your creative or destructive energy flows.

Your feelings are a straight, immediate result of your thoughts you have.
A thought or decision either feels good or it feels bad, depending on the allowance you give to the inner process of interconnectedness to your emotional intelligence which is located in the heart- or solar-plexus area.
If you tend to be top-heavy you should re-learn how to focus on your feelings again, for example through meditation.

This is important because if you want to learn to make spontaneous right choices it is all about perceiving resonance and dissonance within yourself.
Are you in resonant vibration with Love or in the dissonant vibration of Fear =, doubt, dependence, needy for something or someone, which represents poverty-consciousness?

It should become an habitual thought pattern to make decidedly, straight choices. Clear decisions are bringing clear results.

Please be cautious and picky with whom you talk about your success-plans. The doubts and criticism of grudgingly others are conceivably able of harming your optimism. Look preferably for people who share their knowledge and experience freely with you and empower your visions.

Neither you nor the universe source energy are needing the APPROVAL of “the others” for the entitlement of wishes, or dreams that you make or have.

The same power that gave you your dreams and wishes is working for the fulfilment of them, if you continuously believe, trust and visualise them.
Believe and trust are so essential, because it is a reassurance from source-energy to then ask for potential changes in your wishes and the herewith connected interaction keeps you on-air until you feel really sure. So nothing can happen, that you do not agree with.
Once you are really sure of what you want, let it go. Trust and know, it is so, just follow the prompts when they come like synchronicity into your daily life.”

© Andreas Antero Ahrens


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