Hi my Name is Andreas and this is my Blog.I feel like I have no clou about writing blogs ,that s why I am here.

Hi my Name is Andreas and this is my Blog. I feel like I have no clue about writing Blogs ,that s why I am doing the #Blogging101 thing here. SAM_0033

I am practising Acupressure,,Medical-Chi-Kung,Kundalini-Yoga,Spiritual Intuitive Coaching I have a Diploma in Pedagogy+Social-work…including working many years in Germany and Finland with youth-work,&adults with adiction-problems

I am an Emotional Empath since early childhood and since then mys whole interest was holy focused on Nature and the ecological well-being of our planet & humanity. I was studying from an early age Nature and holistic healing methods, like herbs, nature medicines, Native American Indian Tribal knowledge and other cultures.

Since the age of 21 I have  practised several forms of Meditation starting as being a  part of Jiu-Jitsu training. As I always was in love with the very essence of several religious cultures, I never clung on any dogma.

The only way for me to live that, was to be a self learner and free thinker and autodidactic person. By practising Kundalini Yoga, with Mudras, Mantras and meditation through many years, I have  learnt that the only reliable way of experiencing Truth is by seeing and feeling it with the Heart.

I have  worked in Spiritual Free thinker groups and learned to practice with healing tools and methods of many different kinds.

Tools Like: The psychology of Homoeopathic remedies, and Intuitive Homoeopathic treatments, Distant Reiki & Pranic Healing methods (using light, colours and aura cleaning), Acupressure and medical CHI- Kung, also Intuitive Ayurvedic nutrition / vegetarian cooking with Herbs, When food is used like a “medicine” it enhances health of body mind and spirit.

Shamanistic cleansing & clearing rituals. Drum Voyaging and Didgeridoo sound healing (smudging, rattling)

I now about and teach also Psychic self defence.

I have been a facilitator of Sweat-lodge rituals in Finland with and for my honourable Native American Lakota Sioux friend and Brother Th. Yellowhair.

All this was and is possible with the support and love of  the teachers I had in my life….they where many

A big THANK YOU to ALL of them NAMASTE ! 


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