Being a control-freak is CURABLE (The desire to control is basically fear-based) :-)

Greetings to NSA and David Cameron and all the countless others..:

Being a control-freak is CURABLE  🙂

Control Disconnects you from your TRUE power.

When you try to force, manipulate or control, which are attempts in the lower vibration of FEAR you cannot be deeply connected with this powerful energy,

because neither you do not understand that it is in the higher vibrational state of unconditional LOVE nor do you respect it as a cosmic universal, omnipotent law.

By your attempts to control things, you misalign with life and then everything is more challenging because you are disconnected from this Source of knowledge, trust and love.

Where does control originate?

The desire to control is basically fear-based.

Fear is programmed into us by the controlling hierarchy of society. Through the institutionalised power of control like mass-media, school education, religious education and so forth. The goal was to make us beLIEve, act, think and live in ways that supported a fear-based world.

Who ever is influenced by and trapped in fears can easily be controlled.

“They” trained everyone to participate actively in control by “delegating it” to others within their hierarchic structures.
The reason is simple:

The controlling hierarchy prefers a world of people controlling each by promoting the illusion of the belief-system that establishes the rule of law, that they (the system of control) have power through their control, rather than people who really do stand in their own power of integrity, love and self-responsibility.

As long as you are trying to control every aspect of your perceived reality you have no access to your true power, your True Self.

Everything in the whole creation is changing, transforming, evolving continuously and endlessly repeating these spirals:

The seasons, life and death, the tides, day and night, your thoughts in a meditation, your feelings, wherever you look change is a constant rule.

If you resist these natural, cosmic laws, life will put insuperable stress upon you until it becomes too painful to stay in control.
So it is actually the most natural decision and the easiest choice to LET GO.Let LOVE.TRUST.

Love Light and Peace to you all


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