You have a choice,…that leads to success



  • “Choose the positive. You have choice, you are master of your attitude, choose the positive, the constructive. Optimism is a faith that leads to success.”- Bruce Lee

Manifestation or Co-creation in a Nutshell

Manifestation in a nutshell 2

“Manifestation or Co-creation in a nutshell is:

You get it, when you believe it.

Once you believe  you will see, it will manifest.”

(not suitable if there is  narrow-mindedness)

excerpt from “THE (HE)ART TO BE HAPPY” by Andreas Antero Ahrens  E-book  “THE (HE)ART TO BE HAPPY”

Realising who you REALLY are.


Realising who you really are_ butterfly _The Heart to be Happy

“Realising who you REALLY are is like

evolving from

an aesthetically challenged caterpillar

to a fabulously beautiful butterfly.”

# LOOK UP  to your HIGHER Self.

Andreas Antero Ahrens “THE (HE)ART TO BE HAPPY”

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Your Better Feeling Thought Is A Choice

the better feeling thought choice 2

It is a very conscious choice to either enjoy life with even the tiniest blessings of beauty in it or to still to bear grudges.

In every single minute you can consciously choose the better feeling thought. This is how important your choices are, every single minute.”

excerpt from “THE (HE)ART TO BE HAPPY” by Andreas Antero Ahrens

Pensive?  E-book  “THE (HE)ART TO BE HAPPY”

Meditation in nature, your true inner nature and why mother nature is a Guru

Andreas Antero Ahrens THE HEART TO BE HAPPY amazon book author

The picture you see here, I put up for a certain purpose.

Not for being photoshopped , so that it looks like levitation and Not for showing up as Yogi or fluffy-headed esoteric, new-age freak.

Nope, none of these.

It was for fun, part of a photo-session, getting used to being photographed, because I did not like it so much and for the purpose of honouring that nature is my best teacher as well as the most optimal meditation-setting, which is something that I found out VERY early in my childhood.

My family spent regularly holidays in Finland, because it´s my mothers home-country and we have relatives there. We had a log-cabin, and my grandfather was a real farmer. The old fashioned kind with a farm, that nowadays would be considered as an organic farm, or small holding.

Chicken, cows, pigs, a workhorse, fields with vegetables, haying in the old style on haystack-poles, an orchard and of course the forest with pine-trees.

The nearby lake was just a few miles away and swimming in water that had and still has drinking-water quality, feels in a hot summer like the pure joy of being alive.

My meditation practise, although I did not know that is was something like that at this age, started within these very ideal and idyllic conditions for relaxation and recreation. As a kid and also later, I loved it so much, just to sit in the forest under a tree for the mere purpose of breathing, perceiving and studying natures wonders, laws and feeling the love that is everywhere.

YES, nature loves you. If you listen, if you are aware and see, it will answer you every question, teach you everything you want to know about: life in general, creation, natural laws, biology, love, harmony, balance, silence, listening, beauty, music, sounds, vowels and their healing-sound, frequencies, art, creativity, generosity, compassion, the elemental powers..and so much more.

You have this, all of this constantly inside of you, because you are an inseparable part of this nature, these natural laws, which are even part of certain universal and cosmic laws and a vital part of the pure potential of that, which you really are.

You might have just forgotten about it. Try to re-member. If you are not totally cut of, from your feelings and memories, you can probably remember that stage of natural harmony inside of you when you where a kid, or at least some glimpses of it. Best time-frame for recalling inner feelings of this is your childhood memories, that you still have somewhere stored in your consciousness or subconsciousness, is up to the age of 7.

You can do this. Your memory is never lost. Temporal amnesia is possible yes, but neuroscientist will tell you that absolutely nothing of your memory can get totally lost.

Its´all stored in every single cell of your body, brain your natural blueprint of your consciousness, morphogenetic fields, the akashic-records and most important in your subconsciousness.

It is only about your choice, to bring it up from the “sub-” to the surface of full-consciousness.

What about my own memories? I do remember clearly everything, which is partially of course the benefit of having a photographic memory, and that is an understatement, because I bet that not even google-maps or a whole movie-data-base could catch up with the huge amount of data that we all can store in our memories.

I do remember, how it felt to sit or lie on the moss in the forest, that I saw fairies, telling me precious things about nature and other connected dimensions, that my parents wondered how I can stay for such a long time outside without getting hungry or thirsty.

I do remember that just sitting, breathing, listening and observing, loving nature completely, being one with it, was my most preferred activity.

It is still my favourite up to today. This is the reason why I posted a picture of one of my favoured places to meditate. It is just on an oak-branch on a field with a sandstone-cliff behind me .

Sitting on a branch gives you literally the feeling to be borne by nature. Dragonflies, damselflies used to sit on my head, after I meditated there for at least 10 minutes.

They tickled me, by the way they were wiggling with their legs, so that my meditation was ending up in a giggling-, followed by a non-serious laughing-meditation. They flew off occasionally, because they knew why they used my head as an air-base, to catapult themselves easily and quickly onto the flies, gnats and horseflies, that certainly tried to land on


Honestly, I can assure you: Nature is just one of the best healers, friends or therapists you could possibly find.

It prepares all your anger, frustration, sadness, depression step by step, breath by breath, for being ready to just let all this (s..t) go and at the extreme, to be transformed into pure joy and awareness, letting you know and feel, that even all these undesirable feelings, emotions, conditions, issues and moods are 100 % biodegradable.

Nature is literally an natural enlightenment-booster, even without sunshine, because the elemental powers are always in natural order and harmony, the birds have always a song for everyone and everything is, all the time, Here and Now totally in balance, unconditional love, acceptance with YOU and just o.k. It is easy to give up and let go any inner unnatural, dissonant feelings of resistance when you are in nature.

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Dear , friends, spiritual Family,


Bookcover The heart to be happy dna divine nature algorithm amzon puzzle big high resol

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Have you ever wondered why some gurus , healers, psycho-therapists, religious concepts or even 12 step-groups seem not to work for you,not bringing the wished results, in the individual and specific way that you want to change your life…?

Have you ever thought about the fact that you alone can really be the change you want to see in the world and in your life?

Yes you can: You have all the tools, that you need for the desired outcome inside yourself. This book will explain you in the very detail How you can do these changes in your life with the help of pragmatic tools: Your thoughts, feelings, spoken and written words and actions.

I love you all  and this is the reason why I wrote this book for YOU.

I wrote it for you, and you are the main person, be dealt with in this book:

This book is about You: Your Success, Love, Consciousness, ascension, manifestation, healing and achieving a truly fulfilled happy and joyful life.

It is about Your DNA = Divine Nature Algorithm and your inner TRUTH = Total Reliable Utility To Heal .It is about your True Self and Self-empowerment, Letting go and conscious choice-making.

You are worth it. You are important because by healing yourself you are healing the human collective.

Self-help is the merest tip of the iceberg, this is a book with hidden depths, hidden treasures, of deep meanings and understandings.

A rich diamond-mine of gems for the soul

Have you ever wanted a roadmap or manual for the journey of life, well this book is IT.

Gives you the master-key to Aladdin’s Cave, for the ease of access to higher perspectives in helping you to find with ease your own inner treasure.

In Love and gratitude

Andreas Antero Ahrens

The problem is not the problem.

“The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem. Do you understand?”-Captain Jack Sparrow

For every single problem exists hundreds of solutions, it is just a matter of CHOICE to choose the best one.captain sparrow in da djungal

Choose Love. Whish it, dream it,do it.


Everything that happens in your life is a result of the process that started INSIDE of you….

You choose consciously and verbally to end the suffering. In the first place you do that for your (better) life, because this is the only basic position in your experience that you can change.

Everything that happens in your life is a result of the process that started INSIDE of you. YOU are creating or / and agreeing to whatever experiences and this leads to the outside occurrences or the wished results.

Any other attempt of “non – loving manipulation” or control of “the Others” is the exact reason why there is so much drama in the world.”

Love Light Joy and Blessings


“Life is about Choice you choose how you live. “



buddha altar 3tes auge scharf

“Choices / Believes and your wishes

The thoughts you think and continue to think are choices and a belief is a thought you keep thinking.

Everything, every single happening in your life happens because you are making perpetually choices and decisions.
So it is really, really important to focus only on that, what you want to experience and NOT about that which you do not want, because where the thought-attention goes your creative or destructive energy flows.

Your feelings are a straight, immediate result of your thoughts you have.
A thought or decision either feels good or it feels bad, depending on the allowance you give to the inner process of interconnectedness to your emotional intelligence which is located in the heart- or solar-plexus area.
If you tend to be top-heavy you should re-learn how to focus on your feelings again, for example through meditation.

This is important because if you want to learn to make spontaneous right choices it is all about perceiving resonance and dissonance within yourself.
Are you in resonant vibration with Love or in the dissonant vibration of Fear =, doubt, dependence, needy for something or someone, which represents poverty-consciousness?

It should become an habitual thought pattern to make decidedly, straight choices. Clear decisions are bringing clear results.

Please be cautious and picky with whom you talk about your success-plans. The doubts and criticism of grudgingly others are conceivably able of harming your optimism. Look preferably for people who share their knowledge and experience freely with you and empower your visions.

Neither you nor the universe source energy are needing the APPROVAL of “the others” for the entitlement of wishes, or dreams that you make or have.

The same power that gave you your dreams and wishes is working for the fulfilment of them, if you continuously believe, trust and visualise them.
Believe and trust are so essential, because it is a reassurance from source-energy to then ask for potential changes in your wishes and the herewith connected interaction keeps you on-air until you feel really sure. So nothing can happen, that you do not agree with.
Once you are really sure of what you want, let it go. Trust and know, it is so, just follow the prompts when they come like synchronicity into your daily life.”

© Andreas Antero Ahrens