By conquering the ego you stand in your own, authentic power of your True Self.

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Stepping into the Power of unconditional Love creates

genuine inner peace & compassion.

By conquering the ego you stand in your own,authentic power of your True Self.

Knowledge is Power, combined with the power of Love in your heart it is invincible.

Peoples anger is turning against themselves inside of them, if they do not realise that the root of this anger, is their disguised fear of standing in their own Power.

My Jiu Jitsu Trainer said it perfectly:

“If you get angry, you have lost the fight already, even before the physical fight starts.

If you keep calm, even avoiding a fight and have compassion, with yourself, the aggressor and the situation you have WON a fight (emotionally, mentally and physically) and even maybe a friend. If you do not won afriend, than at least you have taught them a great lesson.”

This is how powerful you REALLY are by making your internal, right choices.

It is Co-creation.


“THE (HE)ART TO BE HAPPY”E-book is published now on Amazon

Dear , friends, spiritual Family,


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Have you ever wondered why some gurus , healers, psycho-therapists, religious concepts or even 12 step-groups seem not to work for you,not bringing the wished results, in the individual and specific way that you want to change your life…?

Have you ever thought about the fact that you alone can really be the change you want to see in the world and in your life?

Yes you can: You have all the tools, that you need for the desired outcome inside yourself. This book will explain you in the very detail How you can do these changes in your life with the help of pragmatic tools: Your thoughts, feelings, spoken and written words and actions.

I love you all  and this is the reason why I wrote this book for YOU.

I wrote it for you, and you are the main person, be dealt with in this book:

This book is about You: Your Success, Love, Consciousness, ascension, manifestation, healing and achieving a truly fulfilled happy and joyful life.

It is about Your DNA = Divine Nature Algorithm and your inner TRUTH = Total Reliable Utility To Heal .It is about your True Self and Self-empowerment, Letting go and conscious choice-making.

You are worth it. You are important because by healing yourself you are healing the human collective.

Self-help is the merest tip of the iceberg, this is a book with hidden depths, hidden treasures, of deep meanings and understandings.

A rich diamond-mine of gems for the soul

Have you ever wanted a roadmap or manual for the journey of life, well this book is IT.

Gives you the master-key to Aladdin’s Cave, for the ease of access to higher perspectives in helping you to find with ease your own inner treasure.

In Love and gratitude

Andreas Antero Ahrens

Important question: Do you think there is any sentient being who does not want to have peace of mind ?

Here is an important question: Do you think there is any sentient being who does not want to have peace of mind ?

“Do you enact whole scenes of anger filled stressful events in your mind ?
Maybe it contents a constant judging of people, pondering on what is someone else’s fault, gossiping, and mental conversations with people you know or do not know?

When the emotions are also evoked, more power, energy and attachment are added and literally consumed.
Please do yourself a favour and find out techniques to tame, CHANGE or silence this internal dialogue.

QuestionWhy ?

You literally attract more of these events by visualising them in this way because you give by doing that so much energy to it .
Another perfect example that probably has occurred to you is the phenomenon,to bump just into the very same people you might have talked or thought about just some hours or days ago in a maybe not so positive way.
When you clobber, dis or exhaust someone with your judgement or criticism you may even open a channel for something that brings you back that energy in the form of unlucky, confusion, lack or even sickness.

If you think about your own past experiences about the “Ex” in form of a former best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, former husband of former wife and the associated break-up, divorce- and separation procedures, you certainly can comprehend, imagine or recall what kind of energies can come with these occurrences of dramatic situations.

It is that easy: Negative inner dialogues bring negative results, and positive inner dialogues bring positive results.

You can use this process of the inner dialogue to your advantage or disadvantage, you choose. Of course it is possible to even stop it, if you want so.

Here is an important question: Do you think there is a

ny sentient being who does not want to have peace of mind ?
If we want to have real peace in the world each and everyone of us has to start with the inner world ,the world of thoughts, feelings, emotions, reflections and reactions.

Experiencing genuine inner peace of mind and heart enables you to radiate peace and radiating peace brings peace to others.”

Words from the book “THE HEART OF HAPPINESS”© from Andreas Antero Ahrens

You- Niverse your inner universe


When you are fully present and people around you manifest unconscious behaviour, you won’t feel the need to react to it, so you don’t give it any reality.
Your peace is so vast and deep that anything that is not peace disappears into it as if it had never existed. This breaks the karmic cycle of action and reaction.
Animals, trees, flowers will feel your peace and respond to it. You teach through being, through demonstrating the peace of God.You become the “light of the world,” an emanation of pure consciousness, and so you eliminate suffering on the level of cause. You eliminate unconsciousness from the world.”
–Eckhart Tolle–