Manifestation or Co-creation in a Nutshell

Manifestation in a nutshell 2

“Manifestation or Co-creation in a nutshell is:

You get it, when you believe it.

Once you believe  you will see, it will manifest.”

(not suitable if there is  narrow-mindedness)

excerpt from “THE (HE)ART TO BE HAPPY” by Andreas Antero Ahrens  E-book  “THE (HE)ART TO BE HAPPY”


You are beautiful, full of beauty, disssolve inner boundaries


Dear friend,

Only beauty can percept, see and truly feel beauty.

This means that you ARE beauty.

If you acknowledge and expand your appreciation and gratefulness for all the beauty that exists, you may realise through the repetitive practise of allowing this “loving” perception that you are inextricably linked with beauty.

The place in you that is the observer of beauty, is the all-embracing beauty around you at the very same moment, the eternal moment in the Here and Now.

The more beauty you are willing to receive and to see, the more your heart will open to let shine your INNER LIGHT of beauty and love and the more your eagerness to improve your life outside will grow…”

Dissolve the boundaries that block  you from realising your beauty.

Words from the book ” THE (HE)ART TO BE HAPPY”© and photo by Andreas Antero Ahrens