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Have you ever wondered why some gurus , healers, psycho-therapists, religious concepts or even 12 step-groups seem not to work for you,not bringing the wished results, in the individual and specific way that you want to change your life…?

Have you ever thought about the fact that you alone can really be the change you want to see in the world and in your life?

Yes you can: You have all the tools, that you need for the desired outcome inside yourself. This book will explain you in the very detail How you can do these changes in your life with the help of pragmatic tools: Your thoughts, feelings, spoken and written words and actions.

I love you all  and this is the reason why I wrote this book for YOU.

I wrote it for you, and you are the main person, character..to be dealt with in this book:

This book is about You: Your Success, Love, Consciousness, ascension, manifestation, healing and achieving a truly fulfilled happy and joyful life.

It is about Your DNA = Divine Nature Algorithm and your inner TRUTH = Total Reliable Utility To Heal .It is about your True Self and Self-empowerment, Letting go and conscious choice-making.

You are worth it. You are important because by healing yourself you are healing the human collective.

Self-help is the merest tip of the iceberg, this is a book with hidden depths, hidden treasures, of deep meanings and understandings.

A rich diamond-mine of gems for the soul

Have you ever wanted a roadmap or manual for the journey of life, well this book is IT.

Gives you the master-key to Aladdin’s Cave, for the ease of access to higher perspectives in helping you to find with ease your own inner treasure.

In Love and gratitude

Andreas Antero Ahrens


How to create and apply genuine compassion in your heart and mind.#withcompassion

The Dalai Lama is turning 80 years old on July 6, but he doesn’t want any gifts. Instead, your social media presence is the present.

In honour of his milestone birthday, His Holiness is asking people to share photos, videos and quotes depicting people simply treating one another kindly, along with the hashtag #withcompassion on social accounts.

This is my present:


How to create and apply genuine compassion in your heart and mind.

Love and compassion are the powers that manifest miracles in your life and in the life of others.

How does it help for all the “others” when you use visualisations, affirmations or prayers?

(#withcompassion Thank you dear Dalai Lama .This is part of your 80th birthday-present.)

At the time when you have processed your own healing of your thought-mind-feeling-consciousness to a certain degree of self-compassion it is very important to give it forward, to share it to all beings who are not as yet aware of all these facts you learned to know.

Use your visualisations, affirmations and prayers also for your fellow human and not human sentient beings to support them in improving their live-situations.

Be aware that everybody, who faces now unlucky, dis-ease, sickness or existential difficulties has often problems to visualise a better life for themselves.
If another being in higher vibrational awareness like you can see or wish that better life for themselves, then it is definitely supporting the materialisation of these better possibilities for them, if you include their highest good in your meditation, prayers or affirmations.

Visualise :
Where there is disharmony – see Love and Understanding.
Where there is lack – see wealth and abundance.
Where there is sickness and disease – see well being and health.
Where there is confusion – see harmony and the divine order / Source-Love-Light-Energy-Order.

Believe and let it go to the Source of All That Is.

This action makes the world to be a better place… for you and everyone.

This comes with

Love Light and Peace